Some Services

  • Deliveries across Continental USA
  • Flatbed and Van Carriers
  • Specialty or Dedicated Loads
  • Tarped or Untarped
  • 3PL Tracking Technology
  • 24hr Customer Access

The truth about shipping costs...

Rates will always vary and we won't always be lower than our competitors. However, we can guarantee that the rate we quote you will be the best rate for your shipment at that particular point in time.

How we can help you?

We understand that your cargo must arrive on schedule and intact. We do that through personal contact and technology. Our 3PL system tracks your freight from: Dispatched | Picked Up | In Transit | and Delivered. Plus, our very own Bill Welsh oversees calls to Drivers and meets with you personally to answer your freight questions or concerns.

Outsourcing Convenience

One call to BLR and we will match the unique requirements of your shipment with the efficiency of a Carrier from our vast nationwide selection.

Scheduled & Single Shipments

Providing freight-shipping for Manufacturers on a routine schedule or for single-use transportation both locally and nationally.

On Demand

Moving freight 24/7/365. Plus you will have after hours access to our Team to answer any questions you have about the status of your shipment.

Tracking Service

Telecommunication and Tracking systems that pinpoint the exact location of your Freight from the moment it's picked up to the time of arrival.

Our Specialties