Frequently Asked Questions

Keep Your Business on the Move

We know how tough it is to keep up with shipments and the mutiple phone calls required just to get your freight moving.

So, why not leverage your time and money by delegating the task of finding the right Service Provider to BLR?

We are tapped into a large network of Freight Carriers and can quickly match your laod to the right vehicle - keeping your business on the go!

Why choose a Freight Broker?

It saves you time and it can often save you money. Outsourcing the job of relentless phone calls to carrier after carrier will let you focus on getting more work done. One call to BLR Logistics is all you have to do. We take care of the rest.

How many Carriers do you have?

We have a vast network of literally thousands of domestic freight carriers at our disposal. This ensures that you, our client, is getting the most cost effective transport possible.

What kind of transportation services do you offer?

All modes of transportation.

Which territories do you work in?

Local and Long Distance

Do you allow the transport of a hazardous material?

No. We do not transport hazmat.

Do you transport products that require refrigeration?

No. Refrigerated goods are not serviced at this time.

Do you provide a tracking option?

Yes. We utilize a 3PL tracking and communication system that details the journey of your shipment from pick up to arrival.

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